Dyami Nason-Regan – Co-Founder, Lead Designer


Dyami is an educator and passionate permaculture designer based in the Hudson River Valley. A strong naturalist, Dyami holds a B.S. in Nature-Based Mentoring and an a M.S. in Eco-Social Design from Gaia University. She is an instructor of Permaculture Design Courses from Vermont to the Virgin Islands, leads our install team each year planting thousands of multi-functional trees and shrubs and actively designs residential and farm projects throughout the Northeast.

connor-photo-2Connor Stedman – Principal, Lead Designer

Connor is a field ecologist, agroforestry specialist, and educator based in western New England and the Hudson Valley.  He holds an M.S. in Ecological Planning from the University of Vermont and is a lead organizer of the internationally recognized Carbon Farming Course.  Connor offers consulting and design for multi-productive forest management at AppleSeed Permaculture, including silvopasture, forest understory crops, productive buffers, and wildlife habitat.

Sean Walsh – AppleSeed NJ: Principal, Lead Designer

Sean is a permaculture designer, ecological landscaper, and teacher based in north-coastal New Jersey. He holds a M.A. in Sustainable Landscape Design & Planning from The Conway School, with additional training in ecology, community food systems, agroforestry, permaculture design, and carbon farming. Sean offers consulting, design, and project actualization for clients within the greater New Jersey area who are interested in creating patterns of ecologically and socially sustainable land-use.



Russell Wallack – Designer

Russell is an ecological designer, and living systems thinker based in Amherst, MA. He holds an M.S. in Ecological Design from The Conway School, and a Permaculture Design Certificate from Kay Cafasso’s Sowing Solutions. With a background spanning philosophy, project/program management, and leadership training, Russell brings a diversity of experience to AppleSeed. Russell offers consulting, design, and project management for clients within Massachusetts and the broader northeastern landscape.


Ethan Roland – Founder, Lead Designer ECR_Head_Square

Ethan is a permaculture designer, teacher, and researcher based in the Hudson river valley. He studies and practices regenerative design in all corners of the world, from the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan to the tropical monsoon ecosystems of Thailand.  He holds an M.S. in Eco-Social Design from Gaia University. Ethan is also co-author of the book Regenerative Enterprise, which puts forth a holistic framework for abundance: the 8 Forms of Capital. For more on the book and Ethan’s regenerative work visit


Kelly Collins – Designer

Kelly is a long time Hudson Valley resident who is motivated to help reconnect people with the earth and their land. As an educator, for over eight years, she has supported early literacy and is excited to help others become ecologically literate. Kelly has a Masters degree in Education from SUNY New Paltz, two certifications in Permaculture and is currently working on a 3rd in Biodynamic Farming. Kelly offers consulting, install and design for residential clients in the Hudson Valley who are interested in creating and learning how to sustain edible landscapes.


Julia Blyth—Administrative Assistant

Julia is an avid gardener and observer of nature, with an interest in promoting ecosystems that support native wildlife and feed people at the same time. She holds a BA in English and Biology from Ohio Wesleyan University and spends her time curating collections in natural history museums, homesteading, and helping things run smoothly behind the scenes at AppleSeed.


Angela Roell – Apiary Specialist

Angela Roell (they/them/theirs) is an innovative designer, educator, and consultant who manages Yard Birds Farm & Apiary, a honeybee farm where the raise Northern hardy queens and produce honey for sale regionally.  Over the last 8 years they have cultivated apiaries throughout western MA and beyond for commercial and residential clients ranging from three to 50 hives per location.  They advise with AppleSeed Permaculture on designing and installing holistic apiary and pollinator planting systems for maximizing honeybee health and pollination services.  Angela teaches beekeeping at the University of Massachusetts and is passionate about bees as an instrument for socially conscious entrepreneurship and collaboration.


Michael RolandMichael I. Roland – Landscape Architect

Michael has been practicing landscape architecture for 30 years. Working for the NYS Department of Public Service, the USDA Forest Service, and JK Fraser & Associates, he has taken on residential, commercial, and industrial design projects of scale. Planning and environmental review projects include Waterfront Revitalization Plans, Environmental Impact Statements, and Town Comprehensive Plans across New York State. Michael is a long-time environmental advocate who combines his years of public service with extensive design experience to create ecologically and socially vibrant landscapes.