Sustainable Master Plans

AppleSeed Permaculture uses a carefully developed design process that ensures excellent client service. Our Sustainable Master Plans can help you achieve 100% sustainability for your home, farm, business and school. We work with properties from one quarter of an acre to a quarter of a million acres. The diagram below offers a visual map of the process we use with each of our clients.


Articulate Goals

We begin by collecting the goals and vision from our client. We look for both pattern level goals like increasing on-site food production to specific desires like introducing chickens. We use both pattern and detail level goals to inform the rest of the design process. After our first visit with the client a more formal Goals Articulation Statement will be created.

Analyze & Assess

Next we begin to Analyze and Assess the site. This phase of the design process begins before we arrive on the site by researching soil types, printing aerial photographs of the site and establishing a bird’s eye view of the property in relation to it’s surroundings. Site analysis continues through the initial consultation and depending on the size of the property/project additional site visits will be scheduled. This crucial data collection phase is informed by the landscape. We will be looking at slope, soils, aspect and existing vegetation to name just a few of the already existing landscape features that will support the rest of the design process.


These initial phases form the foundation upon which the rest of the design process unfolds. Now we move into Design. We begin by creating a number of Schematic and Concept Designs. These designs are not detailed and act as a creative canvas, throwing all of our ideas on the table. The point at which our ideas are exhausted we distill down all of the right design elements to be included in the Final Design.


Once the design is complete we move into the Implementation phase of the design process. This is where the plants go into the ground, the pond gets dug and the solar panels go onto the roof. AppleSeed Permaculture specializes in certain elements of Implementation and works with trusted professionals to ensure that all of your desired design elements get installed.


The last phase of the design process is Evaluation. This is where we take a step back. The landscape informs us on the validity of our design decisions. From there the Design Process begins anew. New goals might be formed based on the Evaluation phase and so forth.

We look forward to working with you using the Sustainable Master Planning process that will be unique for your land.