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AppleSeed Permaculture will be presenting on Business Model Generation.

Every December, visit this hundreds of beginning farmers from across the United States gather at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture to learn from agricultural luminaries, drugs peers, and advocacy organizations at the National Young Farmers Conference: Reviving the Culture of Agriculture. On December 3-5, 2014, Stone Barns Center will host the 7th annual National Young Farmers Conference, providing participants with access to inspiring keynotes and unique workshops that address soil science, technical skills, agricultural policy, farm business management, conservation and more.





On December 3, 2014 Stone Barns Center will host a day of workshops and conversations with scientists, farmers and policy experts to explore issues related to agriculture and climate change, with a focus on mitigation and adaptation strategies.

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Wild Apple Forests of Kazakhstan: Lessons for a Sustainable Agriculture


An illustrated lecture with Dr. Gennaro Fazio, USDA/Cornell and Ethan Roland Solaviev, AppleSeed Permaculture

  • Wednesday, October 8, 2014
  • Reception/Tree Viewing: 5:15-6:30 p.m.
  • Lecture: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  • The Arsenal GalleryCentral Park, 64th Street and Fifth Avenue, Third Floor

Kazakhstan is one of the origins of the cultivated apple. In the foothills of the Tian Shan mountains, wild forests of 50-foot-tall apple trees embody an incredible diversity, tenacity, and history. However, due to rapid development and shifting cultures, the forests are disappearing. At the same time, the drought tolerance, disease resistance, and ecosystem characteristics of the Kazakh apples can provide valuable tools for horticulture and climate change resilience in New York State and beyond.

What can we learn from a ten-thousand-year-old sustainable agriculture system? What can be done to save the wild apple forests? Dr. Gennaro Fazio and Ethan Roland Solaviev will present photos and findings of their ongoing research, visits to Kazakhstan, and international collaborations.

Dr. Gennaro Fazio is a plant breeder and geneticist with the USDA-ARS Plant Genetic Resources Unit in Geneva, N.Y., the location of the largest apple collection in the world. Dr. Fazio develops new apple rootstocks that are more productive and resistant to devastating diseases. Part of his research relates to propagation, grafting and understanding what wild apple relatives can do to improve apple production. His research team has characterized thousands of grafted and ungrafted wild apple trees including Malus sieversii from Kazakhstan.

Ethan Roland Solaviev (MSc) is an international expert on sustainable agriculture. He is president of the Apios Institute, which is working with several Kazakh-based organizations to protect the wild apple of Kazakhstan and promote biodiversity in agricultural landscapes there. Ethan has taught sustainable agriculture in over 25 countries. His ecological consulting firm AppleSeed Permaculture has designed over 3000 acres of land here in the Northeast. He is now working on an ambitious project to preserve the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan.

This event is free, but seating is limited. RSVP at For questions, contact or call 212-360-8240.


Forest Gardening – Design & Installation Workshop

FWF FB landsape PhotoEmpower yourself to transform conventionally managed properties into productive Edens modeled on the ecosystems found naturally in the forest. Learn to mimic the structures and functions of natural ecosystems while producing food and other products.

Through interactive design exercises, site walks through a burgeoning forest garden farm, and hands-on planting experience students will receive a comprehensive introduction to forest gardening as well as the skills and resources to take on their own forest gardening projects. Permaculture designer Sean Walsh has teamed up with farmers Johann Rinkens & Lindsay Napolitano to cover all aspects from theory and design to implementation.

Fields Without Fences forest garden cultivates native fruits and small berries, specialty vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, and wild edibles within an innovative perennial design framework. This certified organic small farm combines cultivation, ecological regeneration and habitat creation. Fields Without Fences follows a philosophy of deep ecology rooted in the functionality and balance of natural systems.

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Saturday June 28th 2014
Frenchtown, NJ
$35 Tuition
to register: Sean(at)AppleSeedPermaculture(dot)com



Permaculture Design Certification Course: Hudson Valley, NY 2013-2014

World-class teachers include: Tama Jackson, Dave Jacke, Kay Cafasso, Andrew Faust, Mark Krawczyk, and Ethan Roland. Join us this winter to learn permaculture and re-design the world!

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Permaculture 101: Creating Landscapes Full of Food & Beauty 
Permaculture is a design discipline that promotes ecological principles found in nature.  The purpose is to create healthy, regenerative landscapes that meet human needs.  Although not new concepts: permaculture, edible landscaping, and homesteading are growing trends of note for progressive green industry professionals.

  • Check out the top 30 edible landscape species for the Northeast
  • Study specific practices to establish and maintain edible plants & trees
  • Explore how to integrate plants with micro-livestock & water systems for true sustainability

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Ethan Roland
Lead Designer
AppleSeed Permaculture LLC
Stone Ridge, NY

Young Farmers Conference

Young Farmers Conference 2013
December 2-3, 2010, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.
AppleSeed Permaculture will be presenting: How to Save 100 Hours Business Planning

Ecological Literacy Program @ Omega Institute

Ecological Literacy Immersion Program

Ethan Roland at the Omega InstituteEthan Roland, MS, is the lead designer at AppleSeed Permaculture LLC, an edible landscaping and regenerative design firm based in New York’s Hudson River Valley. He studies and practices permaculture design in all corners of the world, from the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan to the tropical monsoon ecosystems of Thailand.


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Edible Landscaping at the Omega Institute: Recreating the Garden of Eden

Edible landscaping creates an abundance of delicious food right outside our door. In this workshop, permaculture designer and edible landscaping expert, Ethan Roland, shares the top 30 edible landscaping species and the basic practices for planting a diversity of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.Part of this workshop includes edible landscaping design exercises for your home. We choose the best areas for edible landscaping, analyze the sun and soils, and choose specific trees, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs for your site. We also harvest and taste edible fruits of the season, including American persimmon, chestnut, sweet oak acorns, and the ubiquitous, much-maligned, incredibly nutritious garlic mustard.

Through a combination of presentations, hands-on learning, and design exercises, we will:

  • Obtain profiles of herbs, flowers, greens, roots, fruits, and berries for year-round production
  • Learn techniques to reduce the amount of money and time we spend on our lawn
  • Explore how to design for beauty and diversity
  • Study the basic principles of sun, shade, soils, and moisture

The workshop is appropriate for anyone, from those who have never planted a thing to experienced gardeners.

Bring a simple map of the location of your home (with property lines on it) or an aerial photograph from Google Maps or Bing Maps.

Ethan Roland at the Omega InstituteEthan Roland, MS, is the lead designer at AppleSeed Permaculture LLC, an edible landscaping and regenerative design firm based in New York’s Hudson River Valley. He studies and practices permaculture design in all corners of the world, from the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan to the tropical monsoon ecosystems of Thailand.


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Weaving Our Lives with Land & Place: Producing Food

Training by Ethan Roland of AppleSeed Permaculture.  Part of the Certificate Program in Sustainable Community Living, this workshop focuses the history of the land and local community as we prepare the soil and plant gardens, and we learn some of the basics of permaculture. This includes topics such as organic gardening, composting and mulching, forest farming, water retention and regeneration, and erosion control. It also includes some time getting to know the flora and fauna of the region, and some traditional ways of engaging it through cuisine, medicine, and spiritual practices. RSVP required: or (845) 554-3406.

Commonfire Cooperative Tivoli Cooperative Tivoli NY
Sunday May 13th, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Learn Edible Landscaping & Permaculture!

Young Farmers Conference - AppleSeed PermacultureYoung Farmers Conference 2010
December 2-3, 2010
Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture,
AppleSeed Permaculture will be presenting: Permaculture for Farmers and Financial Permaculture