Repairing the Web of Life: Lessons from Land, Place, and History for Gardening in Climate Change Era

Western Massachusetts Master Gardeners Association

Gardening in changing times: upper valley spring gardening symposium

March 21, 2020
8:45 am – 2:15 pm
Frontier Regional High School- South Deerfield

AppleSeed Permaculture’s Connor Stedman will be keynote speaker at the Western Massachusetts Master Gardeners Association’s spring symposium on March 21.

As we confront the accelerating damage of climate change, gardeners are in a unique position to create places of refuge for many forms of life. But doing so responsibly and successfully asks that we deeply study the stories and histories of the lands where we garden. We will explore these connections between ecological and social communities across time and place in western MA, and how these stories point to new possibilities for gardening and land care in a century of crisis.

Following the keynote, Connor will also be leading a workshop from 1:00- 2:15.

Responding to Insect Population Decline with Ecological Design

Between 40 and 70% of all insect populations are rapidly declining worldwide, further threatening the stability of agriculture & working ecosystems. Gardeners, farmers, and landscape managers can play an important role in reversing this trend. We will look in detail at what the science of rapid insect decline is saying & how specific ecological design & land care interventions can make a difference.

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