AppleSeed Permaculture Opens New Jersey Branch

Red Bank, NJ, August 7,2014 –

AppleSeed Permaculture, an ecological design and development firm with a history of innovative projects, has opened a new branch location in New Jersey. Based in the Hudson Valley of New York, the new New Jersey office expands AppleSeed’s regional service area to include NY, NJ, and surrounding states. In business since 2006, AppleSeed has designed over 3000 acres of homes, farms and campuses across six states.

Sean Walsh is heading the New Jersey branch. Sean, a New Jersey native, is a permaculture designer, ecological landscaper, gardener, and teacher based in Monmouth County. He holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable Landscape Planning & Design from The Conway School of Landscape Design.

Permaculture is a design science that weaves together all the elements of sustainability—organic agriculture, renewable energy, green architecture, natural building, biomimicry, ecological engineering, biodynamics, triple-bottom line accounting, and more are combined to provide 100% sustainability anywhere in the world.

According to AppleSeed Permaculture founder, Ethan Roland Soloviev, “We are very excited to open our first branch location. This makes it easy to share our years of experience so that more people can design for 100% sustainability. I want every community in New Jersey to have access to delicious organic food, pure clean water, and renewable energy – straight from their own back yards!”

AppleSeed Permaculture offers services including sustainable master planning, ecological farm-design, and site pre-purchase assessment consulting. AppleSeed also offers turn-key installation of beautiful, organic, edible landscapes. AppleSeed works across scales from residential to broad-acre for private, institutional, and community clients. Contact AppleSeed Permaculture for cutting-edge sustainability vision and practice with professional service.

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