Why Edible Landscaping? Top 30 Plants

Would you like to turn your lawn or garden into an abundant edible oasis? The following slideshow will offer you the basic reasoning, medications principles, pharmacy and plants to transform your home or workplace. AppleSeed Permaculture is also available for consulting so that you can choose the appropriate plants and plant communities for your particular site.

Ethan Roland of AppleSeed Permaculture presented this slideshow in September 2010 for two incredible organizations: The Kismet Rock Foundation in North Conway, NH and The Alchemy Juice Bar & Mama-lution in West Hartford CT. Both organizations are doing excellent social and ecological world-change work, and we highly recommended that you support their projects…

As we posted here, AppleSeed Permaculture has donated a permaculture design to the silent auction at the Kismet Caliente! Dance Party on October 23rd.

For a list of the best books and best sources for many of these plants, check out this blog post. And to learn more about all of these plants and hundreds more, check out the Edible Forest Gardens wiki hosted by the Apios Institute! (Full disclosure: Ethan Roland is on the board of this perennial-agriculture research not-for-profit.)